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Oil Sands Reality Check now online in French and English

Actu - Apprenez la vérité sur les sables bitumineux!

Here's something to cheer you up in light of the recent bad news that a Quebec parliamentary committee has come out in favour of Enbridge's Line 9B reversal project, which could bring tar sands crude through Quebec, contributing to the growth of one of Canada's most polluting industries. This holiday season, to remind our elected officials of their responsiblity to the environment, we're sending MPs and MNAs a copy of Oil Sands Reality Check, a booklet and website featuring a series of hard facts, all reviewed by a scientific advisory committee, on the impacts of tar sands development on the climate, economy, and human rights.

We want to make sure that the MPs and MNAs know that:

  • 71% of oil sands production in Canada is owned by foreign shareholders.
  • In 46 years of development, only 0.15% of the environment disturbed is certified as "reclaimed." In the end, there is no way to return the boreal forest to its natural state. 
  • More than 600 million cubic feet of natural gas are used per day to extract and upgrade the oil from the tar sands. That's enough to heat more than 3 million Canadian homes every day – almost every house in Western Canada. 

See for yourself at