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One word we don't say enough: Thanks

Actu - Merci à tous les partenaires des fermes ASC

Do you get a weekly organic veggie basket from one of our family farmers? You should be proud of yourself. Here's why. 

As one of the more than 30,000 Quebecers who pick up their vegetables from one of the 500 drop-off points in our community supported agriculture (CSA) network, you already know that family farmers provide great tasting food.

But did you also realize that you are:

  • encouraging local agriculture
  • helping to keep our rural communities vibrant
  • protecting the environment from the harmful effects of synthetic pesticides

You are also making a real difference in the lives of our family farmers.         

Yan Gordon, of the farm Les potagers des nues mains, explains, "By participating in our community supported agriculture (CSA) system, you're doing much more than just buying your vegetables. By partnering with a local farmer, you are helping to revitalize our rural communities, to keep farmland occupied in a way that is respectful of the environment. You're supporting small-scale farming. You're reducing the distance that your food travels."

For Frédéric Duhamel of the farm Les Jardins de Tessa: "Community supported agriculture (CSA) makes it easier for the producer to plan production and avoid waste. It also ensures that farmers receive a fair price for their vegetables and gives farmers a chance to get to know their consumers – it is the best way to farm!" 

By signing up for a basket, you are making it possible for farmers to:

  • adopt environmentally friendly practices
  • receive a fair price for their produce
  • reduce financial stress

And you are doing your part to keep our rural areas vibrant. 

When you consider that every day, Quebec loses more farms...

When you consider the impact of pesticides on the environment, the fragility of our ecosystems...

It's clear that you are making a big difference.

On behalf of our family farmers (not to mention future generations), thank you!