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Only 12,000 more km to go

Actu - Étienne est maintenant rendu à mi-chemin avec plus de 15 000 km de fait !

It has been almost a year since Etienne Théroux began his bike trip of a lifetime, CycloExpedition Americas: 27,000 km across the Americas, to raise awareness about food sovereignty and ecological agriculture.

After eight countries and 15,000 km – following what he calls "the dorsal spine" of the continents – he is past the half-way point. 

So far on his journey, Etienne has:

  • volunteered for two weeks at a community centre in Guatemala (he gave classes to children)
  • volunteered for one week on an organic farm in El Salvador
  • volunteered for two weeks at a community-level education program in Nicaragua
  • raised more than $1000 for Equiterre – thanks Etienne!

Equiterre is grateful to Etienne for his fundraising support.

You can keep up with Etienne on his blog. We certainly are.

Thanks again Etienne and "bonne route"!

Photo: Pablo Mercker-Sagué