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September Action of the Month: Stay Switched-on and Informed!


It’s back-to-school time again so we’ve opted for a more gentle approach this month and are reducing and reusing. We’ve put together a list of past Équiterre Action of the Month posts and other relevant content that are related to our main action areas: the environment; sustainable mobility; green energies and the fight against climate change; consumption and waste reduction; healthy, local, organic food and the fight against pesticides.

Each list has resources other than our own, such as Twitter and Facebook accounts, blogs, websites and publications. You certainly won’t be short of reading material!

Why not add the ones that spark your interest to your favourites so you can keep informed all year? And feel free to share your top sources of information and inspiration at!

1. The environment

Not-for-profit environmental organizations

Centre for Sustainable Development
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Greenpeace Canada
David Suzuki Foundation
Environmental Defence
Conseil Régional Environnement Montréal [Montreal regional council for the environment]
RNCREQ [Quebec alliance of regional councils for the environment]
Réseau Environnement [Environment network]
Vivre en Ville (Towards sustainable communities)
Nature Québec
Ville en Vert (Green city living)
Fondation Pour La Nature Et l'Homme [Foundation for man and nature] (France)

Traditional media
Read the environment sections in newspapers, such as the National Observer, Le Devoir, La Presse and Radio-Canada.
Tune into Radio-Canada’s La Semaine Verte [Green week] for reports, profiles and current issues in farming, food, forestry, fishing, and wildlife and environmental management.

Webzines, blogs and new media
Blogs by Sidney Ribaux, Équiterre’s Co-founder and Executive Director, Annie Bérubé, Équiterre’s Director of Government Relations, Annick Girard, Project Manager and Speaker and Karen Ross, Project Manager – Pesticides and Toxic Substances.
100°. Initiative to promote healthy lifestyles for young people.
Les Trappeuses. Tips for zero-waste, local, minimalist, vegetarian/vegan and organic living.
Rose Sur Vert. Tips for taking care of yourself, others and the environment—the green way.
consoGlobe. Solutions in the form of articles, guides and tips (French magazine).
Mr Mondialisation. An informal, French-speaking citizens’ think tank with an international focus aiming to nurture public debate.
NOVAE. A neutral and independent resource dedicated to sustainable development for all influencers in the positive and engaged economy. Discover the most creative ideas and inspirations in social innovation and sustainable development.
Vice News – Environment section. An international news website created by and for the young and connected.

2. Sustainable mobility

Action of the Month posts
Choose Shared Mobility and Ditch Driving Alone! Find out how to mix your transportation cocktail: carsharing, bikesharing, carpooling, car lending, commercial carpooling and new generation taxis.
Bien vivre grâce aux transports actifs [Active transportation for healthy living]. Learn how active transportation can improve your health, save time, protect the environment, save money and benefit the community—and be enjoyable!

Organizations, initiatives and sustainable mobility businesses
Équiterre tips on mixing your own transportation cocktail. Get around without driving alone and instead choose active and collective transportation, such as taxis, car rental, carsharing and carpooling.
Les Rendez-vous branchés organized by Équiterre and its partners. Discover the benefits of electric transportation and learn more about electric vehicles.
Sustainable communities. Explore Vivre en Ville’s wealth of information on innovative ways to modernize communities, buildings, municipalities and cities sustainably, as well as the tools for rethinking urban space and envisioning tomorrow’s cities.
Transport 2000
Association des véhicules électriques du Québec [Quebec electric vehicle association]
Vélo Québec

Transit app
Auto-mobile one-way carsharing
Association des centres de gestion de transport du Quebec [Quebec association of transportation management centres]
Covoiturage AMT
Enterprise CarShare
Group carpools
Téo Taxi
Uber Pool

3. Green energies and the fight against climate change

Action of the Month posts
Big and small ways to fight climate change. A must-read.
Devoirs civiques et avancement de la société [Civic duties and improving society].
Find out how you can make a difference: signing open letters, voting, volunteering, participating in public consultations and calling on elected representatives.
Privilégiez les loisirs actifs plutôt que les sports motorisés [Choose active recreation over motorsports]

Educational resources and science explained
Équiterre’s easy-to-understand fact sheets debunk the myths about renewable energies.
Environmental Defence’s report on fossil fuel subsidies and petition
Radio-Canada’s report, Climat, où en sommes-nous? [Climate, where are we now?]
Le climat en questions [Climate Q & A]. Scientists provides answers to frequently asked questions about the climate and how it is changing.
The Pembina Institute is one of the best Canadian information resources on renewable energies, providing research, analysis and recommendations to inform policies and practices in an effort to maintain adequate air quality for generations to come.

Citizen action groups
Standing Rock Protectors – Pipeline Protest
Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)
Iron & Earth. Oilsands workers’ energy transition initiatives
Coalition contre l’invasion du pétrole des sables bitumineux [Coalition against the tar sands invasion]
Coule pas chez nous [Not in our backyard]
Communauté action climat [Climate action community]
Coalition vigilance oléoducs [Pipeline watchdog coalition]
Le regroupement vigilance hydrocarbures Québec [Quebec hydrocarbon watchdog group]
Front commun pour la transition énergétique [United front for energy transition]
Quebec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy (AQPER)

International initiatives
COP23 Bonn. Find out about the next UN international climate change conference.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
NASA: Global Climate Change
The Tree and Climate Conviction: Check out these resources for communicating about climate change.

4. Consumption and waste reduction

Action of the Month posts
Waste Not, Want Not: Breathe New Life into Broken Objects
Say No to Food Waste!
Give Your Used Clothing and Textiles a Second Life
Compostage: simple et naturel [Get composting! It’s easy and natural]
Dechets électroniques : une menace pour l’environnement, l’économie et la santé [E-waste: A threat to the environment, economy and health]

Blogs, initiatives and research centres
Un truc par jour [One thing a day]. One green tip a day is posted in this zero-waste blog to inspire readers to live sustainably.
Famille Zéro Déchet. An original, down-to-earth, fun blog full of tips for young families on how to live a zero-waste lifestyle.
Touski s’répare. A superb Facebook group for DIY beginners and repair pros, and go-to resource for questions about DIY, repairs, mending, restoring, and more. No need to throw away those broken things. Fantastic!
Institut EDDEC [Environment, sustainable development and circular economy institute]. Initiative by University of Montreal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal.
Observatoire de la consommation responsable [Centre for responsible consumption]. A Quebec university research innovation centre.

5. Healthy, local, organic food and the fight against pesticides

Action of the Month posts
Back to School with Eco-friendly Lunches and Snacks
Go Organic for Your Health and Great Taste!
This September, Take Our Eat Local Challenge
Berry Up
Flexitarisme: miam! [Flexitarianism: Eating less meat is the way to go!]

Initiatives and organizations
Food Secure Canada. A pan-Canadian organization working to advance food sovereignty, promote healthy food and develop a sustainable food system.
Safe Food Matters. A Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and protecting the environment through educating and fostering public understanding and engagement on the safety of food production technologies.
Agriculture urbaine Montréal. An information hub for urban farming on the Island of Montreal. What’s a community garden? Where can you find one? How do you sign up for a spot? What does beekeeping involve?
Task Force on Systemic Pesticides
Center for Food Safety
Vigilance OGM [GMO watchdog group]. What in the world are GMOs? All you need to know about genetically modified food.
Le Québec Bio. A wealth of information about the organic food market in Quebec, including products, businesses and outlet stores.
Équiterre’s petitions on the fight against pesticides and toxic substances. Keep up to date on the latest issues and campaigns.
Le nutritionniste urbain. Montreal nutritionist Bernard Lavallée writes about food and nutrition on this independent platform.

6. Movers and shakers on Twitter

Steven Guilbeault
Sidney Ribaux
Annie Bérubé
David Suzuki
Karel Mayrand
Patrick Bonin
Queen of Green
Leo DiCaprio
UN Environment
UN Climate Action
Al Gore
Environment Canada
Nicolas Hulot
Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change
Alexandre Shields
Réseau environnement

7. Fun, informative activities

Space for life is a great place for keeping abreast of issues that concern the planet while doing fun activities with the family! Young people and adults alike can learn about today’s environmental challenges at the Biodôme, Insectarium and Botanical Gardens, which offer diverse programs.

Ready, set, get reading!

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