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Sign petition to strengthen Quebec's Pesticides Managment Code

Did you know that after leading the way with the first provincial ban on lawn pesticides in 2003, Quebec has now fallen behind other provinces when it comes to protecting human and environmental health in this matter?

Our list of banned pesticides hasn't changed since 2003, whereas Ontario and Nova Scotia have both gone on to adopt stronger policies, which prohibit more pesticides, including some based on the precautionary principle, i.e., the possibility that they could be harmful. 

But now that the Pesticides Management Code is under revision, this could change. Let's make sure that the revisions to the Code go far enough. The new code must include tougher regulations for cosmetic pesticides. We shouldn't be allowing pesticides that have been banned in other provinces to be used in Quebec.

Join Equiterre, the David Suzuki Foundation and Nature Québec in asking Quebec to reclaim its role as leader: sign the petition (in French only).