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Time to order your organic basket

The family farmers in our community supported agriculture (CSA) network are taking orders for the summer season of deliveries. 

From June to October, nearly 100 farms will deliver weekly summer baskets of fresh, locally grown, organic produce to more than 500 drop-off points across the province.


  • 6 to 12 varieties of vegetables in each basket
  • possibility of continuing in the winter (winter basket)
  • option of ordering organic meat

To make it even more convenient for you this year, we are offering more drop-off points at Metro grocery stores, as well as in some Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) train stations. 

Sign up now! (In French only, our apologies).

p.s. Watch out for contests in April and May. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned.

List of drop-off point

Would you pls. Indicate to me where I can review the list of drop-off point. Thanks. Martino Liu

List of drop-off point - answer

 Hi M. Liu,

You can follow this link, that will lead you to the list of all the drop-off point in the province : 

Please note that this list is not up to date for now, but it will be next tuesday. Thanks for encouraging organic and local farmers!