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Top 5 most popular greenhouse-gas reducing actions for individuals and organizations

Solution - Défi Climat

For six weeks this spring, the 4th edition of Défi Climat, Quebec's largest awareness-raising and mobilization campaign in the fight against climate change, rallied thousands of people around one goal: to reduce their collective greenhouse gas emissions. 

The results?

Nearly 1300 organizations mobilized more than 50,000 students and employees to avoid nearly 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

That's the same as cutting our gas consumption for the year by 23.5 million litres.

How we did it

Top 5 most popular actions for citizens: 

  1. Zero waste week: I do not generate any non-recyclable or non-compostable waste for seven days (5 kg of CO2 a year).
  2. Three minutes max in the shower: I always take quick showers (27 kg of CO2 a year).
  3. I have my old electronic appliances recycled (135 kg of CO2 a year).
  4. I compost at home or I have organic matter collected by my municipality (142 kg of CO2 a year).
  5. I become involved in my community and I encourage the implementation of community services such as compostable waste collection or public transit. 

And for organizations:

  1. Adopting eco-friendly purchasing practices considering supplier social and environmental practices.
  2. Hosting eco-friendly events.
  3. Improving the organization's energy efficiency.
  4. Reducing the impact of organizational travel on the environment.
  5. Drawing an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions released by organizational operations and disclosing it.

Congratulations to all!