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"When I see people alone in their cars, it makes me sad."

Actu - Gagnante SSCT 2010

Since winning one year of clean transportation in our 2010 Transportation Cocktail contest,* Marie-Ève Noreau has had even more motivation than ever to leave her car in the garage.

She has had a whole range of free transportation choices to choose from, including a car-share membership, public transit passes, taxi coupons, train passes and a brand new bike.

So many options, in fact, that this clean transportation crusader has been sharing her prize with others, helping to spread the word of the dangers of single-occupant car use: "When I see people alone in their cars, it makes me sad."

Once again this year, the winner of the Transportation Cocktail service station contest will receive one year of clean transportation.

All you need to do is sponsor a friend, i.e., convince them to change the way they get around.

Hurry up, though, because the contest ends November 23!

Sign up for your chance to win *

*Contest information in French only