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23 September 2020
Équiterre will evaluate the environmental ambitions announced by the Trudeau government on Wednesday in its Speech from the Throne based on the concrete measures that will be put forward in the coming months.
22 September 2020
Équiterre is welcoming Quebec’s new Stratégie nationale d’achat d’aliments québécois dans les institutions (Strategy for the Purchase of Quebec Food in Institutions) unveiled today by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), an important step forward long awaited...
9 September 2020
A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR THE PLANET The federal government is about to give the Canadian economy a multi-billion-dollar kick-start in an effort to recover from the COVID-19 health crisis. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a green recovery - a sustainable stimulus package focused on...
2 September 2020
Improving our food security is possible at both the individual and the collective levels, as we focus more on where our food comes from and support our local farmers and producers. Simple actions, like talking about it with those around you, trying to eat local as much as possible, asking your...
2 September 2020
By the simple act of eating three or more times a day, we make decisions that directly impact our health. But beyond the impact on our individual health, these choices can also play a role in either weakening or strengthening our environment, our communities and our economies. At this time where...
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