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3 November 2020
Here’s an opportunity to increase the amount of healthy, local and environmentally responsible food that your students eat at school, while also having a positive impact on your community.
3 November 2020
Most Halloween costumes haven’t even been put away yet, and we’re already being bombarded with Holiday advertising. To resist the pressure and to avoid overconsumption, especially in this time where a significant amount of shopping is arriving by gas-powered delivery trucks, it’s...
3 November 2020
Olivia Ruge, a youth member of Équiterre’s Board of Directors, has issued an urgent warning on behalf of her generation: “We’re not doing well.” Are our elected representatives in tune with today’s youth? Have a look at Olivia's letter (in French) >>
3 November 2020
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Despite its toxicity and its relatively recent appearance in our daily lives, plastic is literally everywhere: throughout our food chain, on our plates, in our children’s baby bottles... Environmental organizations were therefore relieved to learn in 2018...
22 October 2020
In the context of the climate crisis and the pandemic, which have thrown the fragility of our food systems into sharp relief, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), André Lamontagne, unveiled Quebec’s Plan d’agriculture durable (PAD – Sustainable Agriculture Plan...
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