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19 October 2021
A new Abacus Data poll released today confirms that a majority (66%) of Canadians want the Liberal government to implement climate policies in their platform or enact stronger ones. For the full press release >>
1 October 2021
There is no shortage of head-spinning statistics these days. In Canada we consume the equivalent of 4.7 Earths every year. Our incessantly increasing consumption is depleting our dwindling resources - 90% of which end up in the garbage after a single use. We have no choice but to rethink our...
1 October 2021
The citizens of 1,108 Quebec municipalities will elect the representatives who will decide the future of their communities for the next 4 years.
1 October 2021
Processed meals, food that travels 2,500 km before arriving on our plates... Douce Labelle wanted better for her children at their school and daycare centre. She decided to get involved in promoting healthy food options in her children's schools in St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, in the Montérégie region....
1 October 2021
BRIEF “Prendre le droit chemin : Vers une Stratégie nationale d’urbanisme et d’aménagement des territoires”
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