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7 November 2019
In a brief submitted as part of the Quebec government’s public consultations on its Electrification and Climate Change Plan (ECCP), Équiterre outlined 27 recommendations for addressing the climate crisis.
31 October 2019
Have you heard of Buy Nothing Day? On November 29, we’re challenged not to buy anything for an entire day. Celebrated around the world, Buy Nothing Day serves as a counterpoint to Black Friday,
23 October 2019
This fall, Équiterre is actively involved in two major rounds of public consultations that will play a key role in helping Quebec’s meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, particularly in the transportation sector. The first is for the government’s future Electrification and...
3 October 2019
The issue of pesticides has received unprecedented media coverage in Quebec these past few months, which has led to the creation of a parliamentary committee (CAPERN) to look into the issue this fall. The committee, made up of members of the National Assembly, will be tasked with examining the...
1 October 2019
Last week, Daily Show host Trevor Noah asked Greta Thunberg in an interview, if there was one thing people could do for the planet, what would it be? She replied: become informed and get involved politically. *”If I would choose one thing everyone would do, it would be to inform yourself, and...
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