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30 May 2019
Is your local school, daycare centre or community organization looking for a new fundraising idea? How would you like to get your community’s youth interested in healthy, local and organic food, while raising their awareness about the environment, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the...
29 May 2019
One year ago today, despite strong opposition from the public, the Government of Canada announced that it would be purchasing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5 billion, along with its planned expansion. Since that date, Équiterre and numerous other environmental and citizen...
16 May 2019
Organic summer baskets delivered near you: There’s still time to sign up! There is still time to register for your organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network, which was put in place almost 25 years ago by Équiterre! And when you register, you will have a chance to win one of several...
15 May 2019
ANNUAL REPORT 2018: 25 YEARS OF CHANGING THE WORLD! The entire Équiterre team (53 employees, 220 volunteers and 23 interns) is proud to present you with our Annual Report 2018, a demonstration of all that we accomplished this year with the help of our members, supporters and donors. 2018 was a very...
14 May 2019
Flooding and climate change: how are they related? The recent devastating floods in parts of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick are another example of how climate change is affecting and will continue to affect the lives of Canadians in a significant way. Loss of life, loss of homes, damage to...
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