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11 April 2019
The GNL Québec project is a plan to build a new pipeline across Quebec, all the way to the Saguenay region, where it would also build a plant to prepare natural gas to be shipped overseas.
2 April 2019
“Would you like to carbon-offset your flight?”; “This event is carbon-neutral.”; “They offered me a carbon offset as a gift!”. In all likelihood you’ve heard or read about carbon offsetting these past few years.
1 April 2019
Though our planet should be celebrated and respected 365 days a year, Earth Week (from April 22 to 27) is an important opportunity to express our concern and love for the planet.
1 April 2019
All members of Équiterre are invited to Équiterre’s Annual General Meetings on Tuesday, April 23 in Quebec City and on Thursday, April 25 in Montreal at the Centre of Sustainable Development. In this year of youth climate action, we hope to have good representation from our new generation of...
27 March 2019
The Saguenay River region, including that part of the Saint Lawrence River into which the Saguenay flows, has long been known to tourists as a world-class gem and to biologists and environmentalists as an ecological treasure. Tourists are drawn to the scenic beauty of one of the longest fjords in...
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