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15 April 2019
Équiterre’s Change the World Run is fast approaching! With already nearly 800 participants who will be joining us on May 4, we’re at 50% of our fundraising objective. Register for the race or make a donation to help us reach our $85,000 objective (which will fund Équiterre’s...
11 April 2019
Time is running out. We have to act. This year, Earth Day will become Earth Week, with celebrations continuing for a whole week. Up for supporting young people taking action on Monday, April 22? Following the big rally on March 15, this will be another event with committed young Quebecers, who...
11 April 2019
The GNL Québec project is a plan to build a new pipeline across Quebec, all the way to the Saguenay region, where it would also build a plant to prepare natural gas to be shipped overseas.
2 April 2019
“Would you like to carbon-offset your flight?”; “This event is carbon-neutral.”; “They offered me a carbon offset as a gift!”. In all likelihood you’ve heard or read about carbon offsetting these past few years.
1 April 2019
Though our planet should be celebrated and respected 365 days a year, Earth Week (from April 22 to 27) is an important opportunity to express our concern and love for the planet.
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