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7 December 2011
Leaflets condemning Canada for negotiating in bad faith circulated yesterday in Durban, South Africa, marking the arrival of Canada's Environment Minister Peter Kent at the UN climate talks underway until December 9.
1 December 2011
"The moment of excitement: the last meat deliveries before Christmas! Jean-Pierre graciously steps aside and lets Santa Claus take over for the day. We don't know where Jean-Pierre disappears to, but we have always been impressed with how well Santa seems to know our drop-off route.
Actu - Une ferme du réseau vous raconte leur Noël!
30 November 2011
In a full page ad in the Globe and Mail, Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu and other African leaders called for Canada to take a leadership role in the fight against climate change.
29 November 2011
Equiterre t-shirts in fair trade organic cotton are now available from Montreal-based nonprofit co-operative FibrEthik.  
Actu - Chandails equiterre
28 November 2011
Durban is making headlines right now as delegates from around the world – including Equiterre's Steven Guilbeault – debate the future of the Kyoto Protocol. Find out what's really at stake.
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