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22 November 2011
Since winning one year of clean transportation in our 2010 Transportation Cocktail contest,* Marie-Ève Noreau has had even more motivation than ever to leave her car in the garage. She has had a whole range of free transportation choices to choose from, including a car-share membership, public...
Actu - Gagnante SSCT 2010
9 November 2011
Researchers have identified a higher presence of polyphenols – natural compounds that can protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases and some kinds of cancer – in juice made with organic rather than conventionally grown tomatoes. Why the difference?
Actu - Le jus de tomates biologiques contient davantage de compos∂es phénolioques bénéfiques
9 November 2011
Fifteen years ago, 250 Montreal families banded together with seven local farms to launch what has since become North America's largest community supported agriculture (CSA) network. This October, we asked you to celebrate with us. And celebrate you did! One hundred and thirty of you joined us at...
Actu - 15e anniversaire de l'ASC
9 November 2011
In 2009, Quebec greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions decreased by 2.5% as compared with 1990, according to the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks in its latest inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. * But Quebec still has a long way to go if it is to achieve its goal of a 6...
8 November 2011
Quebec public transit is a victim of its own success, says TRANSIT,* a provincial transit advocacy group. According to the group, our public transit systems don't have the money they need to respond to the growing demand for their services. 
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