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18 October 2011
Quebec-based entomologist Madeleine Chagnon, together with her UQAM colleagues, has shown that bees are adversely affected by the chemicals used in seed coating, particularly neonicotinoid insecticides. While this result has been demonstrated elsewhere in the world in laboratory conditions, over...
5 October 2011
Did you know that our new home, the Centre for Sustainable Development, is more than just a demonstration green building? It also has a social mission! That's why you'll find cabinets in our kitchen made by Boulet vers, a social insertion organization that teaches woodworking skills to troubled...
Actu - Armoires de notre cuisine à la MDD
28 September 2011
Did you love getting a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables this summer? Or are you just hearing about our family farmer program for the first time? Either way, we have good news: another delivery season is about to begin! In fact, 96 drop-off points will be open this winter for residents across...
Actu - Courges en panier
27 September 2011
In 1995, Equiterre launched a pilot project involving one farm, Cadet-Roussel, and about 50 Montreal families, who agreed to pay in advance for a share of the harvest. The next year, when we officially launched the network, it included 7 farms and about 250 families.
Actu - Chandelles gâteau d'anniversaire ASC
26 September 2011
The eight member organizations of the Centre for Sustainable Development invite the public to a week-long open house at their brand new green building in the heart of Montreal's revamped entertainment district, the Quartier des spectacles.  If you care about such issues as clean transportation...
Actu - La Maison du développement durable ouvre ses portes ENG
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