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18 July 2011
Montreal community groups announce a new contest to recognize the city's best traffic calming measures of the last two years. Strategically placed flower pots, extended curbs, wider sidewalks... Do you know of a project that  reduces traffic speed, discourages through traffic in...
11 July 2011
If you have a family farmer, you may be lucky enough to find raspberries in your next basket. But if not, don't let this season – which is reportedly excellent – pass you by. Remember, when you do go shopping, to ask about the fruit you are buying – where does it come from?...
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11 July 2011
Quebec's environment and industry ministers have released a draft bill to bring in a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emissions by 2012.  Quebec will be one of the first jurisdictions in North America – along with California and British Columbia – to set up a carbon market.
5 July 2011
So-called green cleaning products are taking up more and more shelf space in our stores. But are these labels to be believed?
5 July 2011
Going away? We all need a break sometime. But that doesn't mean that we should leave our values at home. Especially when there are so many ways for concerned travellers to minimize their environmental impact. Here are some ideas to help you plan a vacation that the whole world can get excited about.
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