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30 January 2020
Équiterre’s Executive Director, Colleen Thorpe, recently presented a series of recommendations to the City of Montreal as part of a public consultation on the 2020-2025 Master Plan for residual materials management (PDGMR). Here is a summary of the brief submitted by Équiterre in...
17 December 2019
Despite clear and repeated demands from citizens in the street throughout the world in 2019, negotiators at COP25 in Madrid did not respond to the to call for action to address the climate crisis. There were three critical issues that the Parties of the Paris Agreement were working on at COP25:...
9 December 2019
Most people don’t know about the role that agriculture can play in climate mitigation, but it is part of the solution. Currently, the Canadian agricultural sector is one of those being most affected by climate change and will need to adapt quickly over the coming years. In contrast to other...
28 November 2019
Just as the beautiful snow cover comes back every year, so too does the task of finding that perfect gift to show our gratitude to our children’s devoted teachers (or even our yoga, pottery or Spanish teachers!). The Équiterre team has devised a list of fantastic gift ideas, chock full of...
28 November 2019
From December 2 to 13, the world is gathering in Madrid for COP25, under the presidency of the government of Chile. Caroline Brouillette, Équiterre’s climate change expert, is among the 25,000 participants seeking to ensure that countries work together to adopt ambitious and effective...
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