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26 February 2021
Picture this: You walk into a hospital cafeteria and the menu is filled with healthy foods from local producers. Now imagine the same thing happening in every institution in Quebec—daycare centres, hospitals, schools, etc. Everywhere you go, local becomes the new standard on the menu! Sounds...
Communauté de pratique
26 February 2021
One of Équiterre’s main objectives is to help make our food systems more resilient in the face of future socio-ecological challenges.
actu - semaine de relâche 2021
25 February 2021
Équiterre and its partner Greenbelt Foundation have released a new report that shows how healthy soils could save our country’s agriculture from the impacts of climate change and allow Canadian farmers to play an even larger role in fighting the climate crisis.  
actu - ang ageco
17 February 2021
Équiterre has submitted a number of recommendations to the Quebec government in the lead-up to its 2021 budget. Three of which are particularly important. “The government should base its selection criteria on the nutritional yield and energy performance of each type of crop. We want a wide...
CDP 3 choses Équiterre
3 February 2021
In the coming weeks, Parliament will be debating Bill C-12, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act. This is the first time that Canada's federal government has introduced legislation to hold itself and future governments accountable for reducing emissions.   Bill C-12 is a critical...
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