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27 February 2020
On the Sunday night before the federal government's decision on the Teck Frontier mine, which would have been the largest oil sands mine ever developed in Canada, Teck Resources Ltd. announced that it was withdrawing its application for the project. This is a huge victory for Indigenous...
26 February 2020
To limit the impacts of the climate crisis, 2020 will be a pivotal year for both Quebec and Canada. It marks the beginning of a decade of transition, which must culminate in 2030 with a halving of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
26 February 2020
We all know someone who knows someone who isn’t too concerned about the environment. Every day, we encounter people who don’t realize the extent of the climate crisis we’re facing. It’s especially hard when it’s your father, mother, child, uncle, grandmother, friend or...
30 January 2020
At the end of this month, the Canadian government will decide whether to approve or reject the Teck Frontier open-pit tar sands mine, which would be Canada’s largest ever tar sands mine.
30 January 2020
Everyone who loves winter says the same thing: you have to enjoy winter sports to fully appreciate the season, rather than counting the days until spring. But for those who live in the city, do you absolutely need a car to make the most of winter sports? Is it too expensive to get the equipment and...
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