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1 May 2020
Five tips to build your mental resilience during times of crisis If you’ve been following Équiterre since the beginning of the current crisis, you’ve surely noticed that a certain word keeps coming up: resilience. For Équiterre, resilience is the key to ensuring that our societies and...
1 May 2020
In the past while, we’ve heard the word resilience a lot. Resilience to get us through the current crisis, resilient recovery plans, resilient agriculture… but what does it really mean? With Équiterre’s new campaign, we’re working to define it so that it can guide our work...
23 April 2020
Équiterre has submitted a new version of its recommendations for the 2020 federal budget, the release of which had been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The decisions made today to respond to the health, economic and climate crises affecting Canadian society will have significant impacts in the...
2 April 2020
During this time where the COVID-19 crisis is jolting the planet and confining many of us to our homes, making your own garden can be a soothing and nourishing activity. The good news is that you don’t need a 50-hectare plot of land to do it. A simple balcony can do the trick. Here are some...
2 April 2020
Farmers are bearing the brunt of the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change. According to Agriculture Canada, the increased frequency of extreme climate events like droughts, floods and severe storms could have devastating effects on crop yields.
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