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2 September 2020
Improving our food security is possible at both the individual and the collective levels, as we focus more on where our food comes from and support our local farmers and producers. Simple actions, like talking about it with those around you, trying to eat local as much as possible, asking your...
2 September 2020
By the simple act of eating three or more times a day, we make decisions that directly impact our health. But beyond the impact on our individual health, these choices can also play a role in either weakening or strengthening our environment, our communities and our economies. At this time where...
2 September 2020
As farmers deal with the daunting challenges caused by climate change, the growing loss of cultivable land and a global pandemic, our agricultural systems must be rebuilt so that they can better adapt to and overcome future crises in order to guarantee our food security. We must help our farmers...
2 September 2020
Food resilience is one of our central concerns at Équiterre, and we are committed to eliciting the necessary public policy changes to encourage and support farmers in adopting resilience-building practices that promote soil health. To steer this transition, we are actively working with various...
19 August 2020
Do you know Farmers for Climate Solutions? In recent months, our organization joined Farmers for Climate Solutions, a first-of-its-kind farmer-led coalition to make agriculture part of Canada’s climate solution. Together, we will work to create policy change to enhance climate resilience,...
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