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8 December 2020
Mr. Trudeau, with the holiday season nearly upon us, Équiterre has made a wish list to strengthen the newly proposed Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (Bill C-12).
8 December 2020
Today, citizen groups and environmental organizations presented elected officials in the National Assembly with a petition against GNL Québec. Signed by more than 110,000 people, the submitted petition is further proof that the project has no social license, the groups say. Read the press release...
3 December 2020
For months we’ve been talking about an economic recovery... but do we really want to go back to the economic system that prevailed before the pandemic? Or should we rather make the most of what the pandemic has taught us and refocus our economy around the principles of happiness and...
3 December 2020
Colleen Thorpe, Équiterre’s Executive Director, shares her vision of happiness - as a leader, mother and citizen. Question: We’re hearing more and more about the “happiness economy”. But what exactly is it?
3 December 2020
Quebec’s Plan for a Green Economy (PGE), anticipated as a response to the climate emergency, is a product of the collaboration of numerous task forces representing a diverse range of expertise: business people, industry, scientists, youth committees and environmental organizations, including...
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