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3 December 2020
Quebec’s Plan for a Green Economy (PGE), anticipated as a response to the climate emergency, is a product of the collaboration of numerous task forces representing a diverse range of expertise: business people, industry, scientists, youth committees and environmental organizations, including...
2 December 2020
We can’t eat residential development projects. We can’t eat innovation centres.
2 December 2020
Barely a third of Quebecers are in favour of the GNL Québec/Gazoduq project, nearly a half are opposed to it, and Quebecers are strongly opposed to any government financial support for the gas export project. These are among the results of a province-wide Léger poll conducted from November 20 to 22...
1 December 2020
Two new initiatives are being launched last november to help Quebec public schools increase the amount of healthy, local and environmentally responsible food that their students eat at school.
23 November 2020
Reducing vehicle emissions without putting more of a burden on public finances: it’s possible, with a feebate system, a policy tool studied by Équiterre and Horizon Advisors in their new report, The Road Ahead to Low-Carbon Mobility: a Feebate System for Canada’s Light-Duty Vehicle...
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