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and consumption

Solutions to realign our economic systems with humans and nature

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The Challenges

Our planet is being squeezed by a linear economic model that does not allow nature or humans to regenerate.

There is constant pressure to consume goods that have shorter and shorter lifespans – often impossible to repair. Though we are drowning in “trash”, we need more and more resources to keep up with this overconsumption of goods, and industries often resort to aggressive and energy-intensive methods to extract those that have become more rare, further destroying natural environments and living species.

The unprecedented deterioration of our environment is leading to disease and premature death.

It’s high time to clean up our production and consumption habits.


Since 2008, the quantity of waste disposed of in Quebec has been reduced by only 8%.


Our vision

A low carbon economy focused on society's well-being.

Our initiatives

Consume differently

Équiterre works to promote responsible consumption habits, with projects focusing on fair trade, buying local, environmentally responsible events and consuming less.

Waste reduction

Reducing at the source reduces pollution. Our initiatives seek to equip citizens and decision makers with solutions to improve our waste management, with a focus on reuse and repair.

Our political advocacy work

We're working to create awareness, provoke reflection and debate, and develop recommendations to guide our governments towards sustainable solutions for a more circular economy.

Our impact

Moving sustainable production and consumption forward for more than 25 years


In November, phase 1 of the extended deposit refund system comes into effect

Équiterre emphasizes that the deposit refund system is a key solution for better waste management.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to be applied to electric vehicle batteries


The first-ever pan-Canadian study on access to repair is launched!

The first in-depth study of the obstacles and levers to repair in Canada, including a portrait of the situation in Quebec.


A new strategic focus

A new pillar in Équiterre's strategic plan focuses on energy sobriety, reduction at the source and the circular economy.


Long live our appliances!

Équiterre publishes the first ever pan Canadian study on the obsolescence of appliances.


Tools that speak volumes

Équiterre lanches serveral tools and projects to encourage reuse and reduction at the source, such as the Guide to Sustainable Promotional Products.

1996- 2018

Fair trade

Through education campaigns and tools, Équiterre helps to introduce fair trade in Quebec.

Act now!

Be part of the change by engaging in our initiatives.