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Projet - Interventions publiques - Steven Guilbeault

Equiterre urges decision makers in the public and private sectors to make socially and environmentally responsible choices, with a focus on 7 major issues along two main themes: food production and the fight against climate change.

In food production, Equiterre works on food sovereignty and the future of farming. 

In the fight against climate change, we work on the following issues:

  • No to tar sands
  • A vision for transportation and land use
  • Reduce our dependence on oil
  • Climate: Canada must do better
  • Quebec and climate change: a vision for 2020

We demand laws, regulations, policies and practices that support sustainable development and social justice.

  • publication of briefs
  • research and publication of reference documents
  • participation in public consultations
  • advocacy in the public and private sector
  • meetings with decision makers
  • reactions to current events and position-taking (open letters and press releases) 
Speak out for change.