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Fair trade

Projet - Equitable

Our members have been working to promote fair trade since 1996. At the time, there were only two points of sale for fair trade products in all of Quebec.

Although fair trade products like coffee, chocolate and bananas are now readily available, North-South inequities persist. 

With the exception of the occasional fundraising item, we have never sold fair trade products. Our focus has always been on:

Here are just some of the strategies that we've used over the years to promote fair trade:

  • an online directory of fair trade retailers in Quebec*
  • an online directory of fair trade wholesalers and distributors in Quebec*
  • advice for consumers on how to insist on fair trade products
  • a fair trade bazaar in the atrium of our new demonstration green building, including a conference on the future of fair trade
  • our new fundraising T-shirts made from fair trade organic cotton
  • printable model letters to help consumers convince retailers to carry fair trade products*
  • a free printable poster explaining the principles of fair trade for work or school*
  • a list of eight reasons to buy fair trade*
  • a recent article in our e-letter, sent out to more than 90,000 people, presenting the new "face" of fair trade: fair trade sports equipment, fair trade olive oil, fair trade wine, etc.*
  • a guide to eco- and fair trade logos with a wallet-sized cheat sheet to help consumers make informed choices on the go*
  • a guide to sustainable products that includes fair trade suggestions*
  • a responsible clothing guide*
  • a web campaign explaining the difference between fair trade chocolate and conventional chocolate
  • the book Acheter, c'est voter (Buying is voting), by Equiterre cofounder and former spokesperson, Laure Waridel*

We also continue to advocate for fair trade at an institutional level. In December, we joined a new association for fair trade stakeholders in Quebec, the very existence of which suggests that the future is bright for fair trade in Quebec.

* French only

For a North-South trading relationship that is more respectful of human and environmental rights.