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Responsible consumption

Projet - Consommation responsable

Every choice we make as a consumer has an impacton the environment and on society. When we choose something because it is environmentally friendly or socially just, we make it easier for more such products and services to be developed in the future. To be a responsible consumer is to realize that wehave the power to help change the world through the choices that we make everyday.

Responsible consumption is a democratic citizens' movement. It influences the behavior of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and encourages decision makers to adopt policies that protect the environment and the rights of citizens.

Questions to ask yourself before buying

Shopping is a means to an end, not an end in itself. To guide your choices, we suggest using the 4R's (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover). First ask yourself, is this purchase really necessary? If it can't be avoided, than opt for products and services that have less of an environmental impact and that show social responsibility. These guidelines may not seem like much, but if enough of us follow them often enough, they will have a big impact. To make sure to choose products and services with fewer adverse environmental and societal effects, keep in mind their complete life cycle, from design until disposal.

Socially and environmentally responsible consumer choices.