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Transportation Cocktail campaign

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Mass car use is responsible for air pollution that seriously undermines public health and causes climate change. Quebec's increase in greenhouse gas emissions is mainly due to the 21.9% increase in traffic on our roads (1) .

This increased dependency on cars has other negative effects on society. Car payments, insurance, gas, parking, upkeep... Accidents, road maintenance, traffic management... The costs of driving are an increasingly heavy burden on us all, whether we own cars or not.

Promoting Sustainable Transportation

In 2003, Equiterre launched its sustainable transportation campaign to:

  • promote alternatives to single-occupant car use, like telecommuting, active transportation, public transit, car sharing, carpooling and rental cars
  • encourage people to add different combinations of clean transportation to their daily routine
  • raise awareness of the link between the traffic on our roads and climate change

Campaign tools

The Transportation Cocktail campaign includes the Transportation Cocktail Service Station (an online contest for sustainable transportation ideas), Transportation Cocktail for the workplace, and other awareness-raising activities for concerned citizens.

Equiterre also works with policy makers to promote its environmental concerns regarding transportation and urban planning.

(1) MDDEP, Inventaire québécois des émissions de gaz à effet de serre en 2006 et leur évolution depuis 1990 (French only).

One person per car? Alternatives to the solo commute.