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Action of the month : Choose Fairtrade products

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Discover 5 concrete actions you can take to help make the people around you aware of the positive impacts of opting for Fairtrade certified products.

Ask for Fairtrade products in your daily life

More and more stores, from supermarkets to local shops and even convenience stores, are offering Fairtrade products!* Choose Fairtrade options when purchasing your favourite products and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Whether it’s at school, the restaurant or the workplace, the more Fairtrade products you choose, the more available and visible they will become.

View the interactive map showing retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and cafeteria services that offer Fairtrade products (food, sports balls, cotton, flowers, shea products, handicrafts and gold).

Check out the characteristics of different Fairtrade products and why you should choose them: bananas, cacao, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, herbs and spices, oil, nuts and coconuts, honey, quinoa and rice.*

Here are some practical tips on things you can do in your daily life to encourage Fair Trade:

  • Talk to the people around you! Ask your family, friends and co-workers to choose Fairtrade products. Tell them why it’s important* and explain the positive impacts of this choice. Take pride in preparing your meals using Fairtrade products. Mention it to others and make sure you share your recipes with them!
  • Merchants care about their customers’ satisfaction and are responsive to their needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for Fairtrade products where you shop. Fill out customer satisfaction surveys and be demanding!
  • Use social media to voice your opinions. Congratulate shopkeepers for stocking Fairtrade products; they’ll appreciate the positive feedback. Some merchants already have a responsible purchasing policy – make sure you encourage them!

Identify Fairtrade products

It’s not always easy to know whether the products we purchase were produced according to Fairtrade principles. To easily identify them, look for recognized logos*; they’re your guarantee that the product complies with Fairtrade standards.

Learn about the positive impacts of Fair Trade

Before demanding Fairtrade products, it’s important to become informed and learn about why consuming Fairtrade products is the right choice.* Purchasing Fairtrade products has numerous economic, social, political and environmental impacts on communities in the Global South. In addition to supporting the autonomy and development of these communities, consumers get to enjoy quality produce grown with the utmost respect for workers and the environment.

Organize a Fairtrade fundraising campaign

Are you planning a fundraising campaign to finance the activities of your school or social club? Instead of the mediocre chocolate and coffee usually offered, why not opt for a 100% Fairtrade fundraising campaign?! Some companies even offer special discounts for fundraising. Here is a list of suppliers* of Fairtrade products who will be happy to advise you.

Obtain a Fairtrade designation

Go a step further by obtaining a Fair Trade designation* for your campus, city, school, faith group, workplace or event. You can also become a Fair Trade ambassador!

(Content drawn from, an initiative of Équiterre and the Association québécoise du commerce équitable, May 2017.)

* Information in French only.