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Fact sheet

Why we should eat local frozen vegetables

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Avantages des legumes surgeles

Eating fruits and vegetables grown and processed here at home offers many benefits that are often overlooked!


The vegetables are picked at peak ripeness and freshness before being rapidly washed, prepared, blanched and frozen at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.

There are many good reasons to eat frozen foods:

  • Excellent nutritional value and flavour! Freezing is a totally natural process that requires no additives or preservatives. On top of it, freezing foods immediately after picking conserves their full freshness, flavour, colour and nutritional value year round.
  • Practical and ready to use! Already washed, peeled, cut and blanched, most frozen vegetables are ready to be cooked on the spot and are available all year. They don’t require any complicated processing.
  • Nothing lost! Two kilos of frozen vegetables equals two kilos of vegetables on your plate. Nothing is lost due to trimming, cleaning or peeling. It’s also very easy to divide the veggies into the desired number of portions.
  • Economical and long-lasting! No matter what the weather is like outside, frozen vegetables remain stable year round. They also have the added advantage of keeping for a long time in the freezer.


Like frozen foods, canned foods are processed within a very short time of being harvested, which preserves their flavour, colour and nutritional value.

There are many good reasons to eat canned foods:

  • They require no additives or preservatives! Food additives and preservatives are chemical substances intentionally added to food to improve its shelf life and to preserve or enhance its appearance, taste or odour. Canned vegetables do not require these substances. If salt has been added as an ingredient during processing, simply rinse the vegetables under water before using them!
  • Versatile, fast and delicious! Canned vegetables are fully cooked and ready to be warmed up or added to your recipe.
  • Shelf life of several months! Keep a few of these cans in your pantry at all times for quick and easy meals.

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