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Carry fair trade products

Solution - Servir ou offrir équitable

Fair trade products in the workplace – a simple way to improve living conditions for millions of people around the world. Sell them to your customers or offer them to staff, students or patients.

You’ve heard about fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate, but what about the other fair trade products now available in Canada?

  • sugar
  • bananas
  • fruit
  • rice and quinoa
  • spices and olive oil
  • shea butter and other cosmetics
  • cut flowers
  • wine
  • arts and crafts
  • cotton
  • …and even soccer balls!

The first step

Do your current distributors carry any fair trade alternatives? If not, use our list of fair trade retailers (French only).

Why Fair Trade is good for business

  • If you decide to carry fair trade products, we will add you to our list of fair trade retailers (French only), which is consulted by over 50,000 users a year. (Want on the list? Let us know!)
  • Sales of fair trade products is growing in Canada. Since 2001, sales have increased 300%, for an average annual increase of 55%. The proportion of consumers of fair trade coffee in particular is increasing. In 2005, 16% of Canadians bought fair trade coffee, compared to 8% in 2003 and 4% in 2001.


  • Print out our fair trade poster explaining the principles of fair trade. Display it on your coffee machine. (French only)
  • Want to help others understand why fair trade is so important to you? Use our slideshow. (French only)
  • Are you a co-op or a credit union? Download our fair trade guide. (French only)

Get informed

Learn the reasons for using fair trade (no child labour, gender equality, sustainable production practices, fair wages, better product, etc.).  Read up on fair trade labels and fair trade products. For more information, consult our guide to fair trade (links French only).

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