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Insist on fair trade

Solution - Exiger équitable (bananes)

Fair trade products are becoming more common. But they aren't everywhere yet!

Help make the world a better place by insisting on fair trade products wherever you go: corner stores, restaurants, work.

Get informed

To be convincing, you have to know what you're talking about.

Learn the reasons for using fair trade. Read up on fair trade labels (French only) and available fair trade products.

Ask questions

Do a little research before making your request. For example, with coffee ask:

  • Who is the current distributor? Do they offer any fair trade alternatives?
  • When is the contract up for renegotiation?

Take action

Make it easy for people to say yes!
Use this list of fair trade retailers in Quebec (French only) to suggest new distributors to the person whose buying habits you want to change. Some fair trade distributors offer such "extras" as coffee breaks (machine included), fundraising, etc.

The positive approach
Use your biggest, brightest smile as you explain the business benefits of carrying these products:

  • a listing in the Equiterre fair trade business directory, which is consulted by thousands of people a year (French only)
  • rapid and consistent growth in sales of fair trade certified products
  • advantage over the competition

Following up is crucial

Keep insisting on fair trade products. Persistence pays off!

Spread the word

Ask friends or colleagues for help: the more consumers who express interest in buying fair trade products, the stronger your request.

Tools to generate interest

  • Print a model letter (French only) to sign and give to the business whose practices you are trying to change.
  • Print out the principles of fair trade (French only). You can post them by the coffee machine at work, school or even the local corner store! It will help people understand the importance of buying fair trade.