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Each and every one of us can help fight climate change! Citizens need to send a clear message to our future leaders until 2015, year of the federal elections in Canada. We need to say loud and clear that climate inaction has lasted long enough.

With your motivation and energy, Equiterre will build a true social movement by collecting 150 000 signatures for the No to Tar Sands petition until 2015. This petition asks to reject the proposed TransCanada Energy East project until proof has been made beyond a doubt that it is safe, that it does not increase Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, and that it will have no environmental impact for communities.

This petition and others in Canada (The Council of Canadians, Lead Now, Coule pas chez nous, Environmental Defence) intend to raise awareness amongst citizens, governments, and organisations about the harmful consequences of the Energy East project of TransCanada. With your help we hope that the voice of citizens will be heard during the federal elections of 2015.


Sign the petition No to Tar Sands and spread the news throughout your network by following four simple steps: