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Many Quebec residents are taking the lead, both alone and as part of a group, with inspiring action to protest against the arrival of tar sands oil in Quebec. Here are some ideas to help build the movement.


Look further into the issue and learn more about tar sands and diluted bitumen.


Share information with residents of your city, district or neighborhood. Many people do not know the facts or risks regarding tar sands oil and their piplines, so raising awareness is the first step towards mobilising

  • Spread the word! Share your concerns with your family, colleagues and friends. Share news items and articles via email or social media.
  • Sign the petition "Non aux sables bitumineux" and share it with your network.
  • Distribute leaflets highlighting the issues and impacts. Contact Equiterre for more information. 
  • Add information to the pipeline map.


Ready to put in a little more time? Gather around!

  • Organize a conference, round table, coffee meeting or workshop. Contact Equiterre for more information.
  • Set up a group in your community or neighborhood
  • Take artistic action: Be creative!
  • Share the following videos or host a public viewing:

Tar Sands Action (By Gas Land Director, Josh Fox). 4:39. English.

The Dirty Truth. 12 min. English. Available with French sub-titles. 

Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands. 44 min. English. 2013 

Petropolis. Different formats available. English. Available with French sub-titles.

The Pipedreams Project. (On Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project in Alberta and British Columbia). 29 min. English.

H2Oil. 76 min. English. Available with French subtitles.

White Water, Black Gold. 57 min. English or French. Available to purchase online for public screenings. 


Let your voice be heard! Use media to spread your opinion and contact your elected officials to let them know what you think. 

  • Write to your local or regional (RCM) municipality, to encourage them to adopt a resolution
  • Join the debate! Write letters to the media and post comments online regarding the pipelines and tar sands
  • Attend meetings of your local council or government
  • Contact local organisations such as conservation groups, trade unions, farmers associations, watershed associations to discuss and collaborate on pipeline projects in your area. Don’t forget to reach out to less obvious groups, for example chamber of commerce, tourism office, public health and CSSS
  • Participate in the civic campaign # directlyaffected on twitter and show that the arrival of the tar sands oil in Quebec concerns everyone.
  • Find out more about divestment and join or start a divestment campaign to stop subsidizing fossil fuels.

For more information, please contact Geneviève Puskas, mobilisation officer, by email or at 1-877-272-6656, extension 298.