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Cuttingedge technologies, mobile apps and new business models are developing fast and improving access to an increasing number of ecofriendly, inexpensive and practical transportation options across Quebec!
Actualité - 31 May 2017 - Tag : Action of the month, Transportation Cocktail campaign
Discover 5 concrete actions you can take to help make the people around you aware of the positive impacts of opting for Fairtrade certified products.
Actualité - 1 May 2017 - Tag : Action of the month, Changing the world
We’re often telling kids to go play outside. But fortunately, this is something we can all do! Young or old, being in nature recharges your batteries. Studies have confirmed that human beings need contact with nature. It makes us feel safe and calm, is essential to emotional development and improves mental health and concentration. Some even say that the city feeds your...
Actualité - 1 March 2017 - Tag : Action of the month, Choix collectifs, Responsible consumption
The new year is well under way, but you can still make resolutions and do something meaningful for yourself and the environment. Équiterre encourages you to unplug, literally and figuratively. We don’t want to downplay the importance or advantages of electronic devices, and we’re certainly not suggesting you cut yourself off from the world. But it’s important...
The festive season is about sharing and helping each other. So why not step outside your usual circle this year, reach out to others and give your time to people in need?     Here’s how you can do it: Distribution of hot drinks and treats to homeless people
Winter is right around the corner, and you know what that means: time to winterize your home for the cold months ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to repair all the broken objects piled up around the house and in the shed—from your son’s coat lining to Gaston’s shovel handle.
Actualité - 1 November 2016 - Tag : Action of the month, Changing the world, One step at a time, Organization
Just over 160,000 weddings took place in Canada last year. Yes, you read that right. The average number of guests at each was about 130. Do the math and you’ll see that 20 million Canadians attend weddings every year. This activity can potentially leave a significant environmental footprint! By making certain choices, you can ensure that this event—a day your...