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Types of donations

Whether donating online or by phone or mail, choose the type of donation that suits you best.

Monthly donation

When you sign up for our monthly donation program, you authorize Equiterre to deduct a certain amount from your credit card or bank card once a month. This system:

  • lets you spread out your donation over the year
  • provides us with a dependable source of income

You choose how much you'd like to give each month (for a minimum of $8 a month).

Think about it! A monthly donation of $15 is only 50¢ a day. And you can change the amount of your monthly deduction at any time.

Sign up for our monthly donation program today!

One-time donation

A one-time donation in the amount of your choice entitles you to one year of free membership. Automatic tax receipts for all donations of $25 or more. 
Make a one-time donation now

In memoriam donation

Honour the memory of a loved one. If desired, we can inform other friends or family members of this donation. Automatic tax receipts for all donations of $25 or more.
Make an in memoriam donation now

In honour donation

Celebrate a birthday, the birth of a child or another happy occasion with a donation to Equiterre on behalf of someone you love or admire.  Depending on what you prefer, Equiterre can send an e-card to the person selected or send you a certificate by email. Automatic tax receipts for all donations of $25 or more.
Make an in honour donation now

Planned gift

You'd like to contribute to Equiterre in a lasting way that takes into account your personal, family and financial situation? Have you thought about:

  • remembering us in your will
  • donating your life insurance policy
  • other kinds of planned gifts?

For more information, call us at 514 522-2000, ext. 227 (toll free 1 877 272-6656).