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Reversal of Line 9 between Westover and Montreal - Équiterre reveals Enbridge’s true intentions

Montreal, October 4, 2012 – Équiterre released information showing that Enbridge is hiding its true intentions for the reversal of Pipeline 9 between Westover, Ontario and Montreal from both the regulatory authorities as well as from the public.

During the hearings before the National Energy Board last May, Enbridge alleged that the pipeline reversal project was solely for the needs of Eastern Canada.

But, according to information made public today, the Canadian Consulate made presentations to governors in New England, namely Maine, in order to promote the arrival of the oil sands in this region. This information had been obtained by the Natural Resources Council of Maine, through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.

“For several months, we have suspected Enbridge of hiding its true intentions concerning the finality of the reversal of the flow of Line 9. We now have proof that this is neither to help consumers in the eastern part of the country by providing Canadian oil to refineries here, nor to reinforce Canada’s energy security! The company’s goal is and has always been to export this oil to the United States,” declared Steven Guilbeault, deputy executive director of Équiterre.

“Keeping in mind that the federal government is in bed with the petroleum industry, we call on the population, municipalities, and the new Quebec government to prevent this project from becoming reality. Enbridge wants to smuggle one of the most polluting forms of petroleum via the second largest city in Canada and, in one of the oldest pipelines in the country! Are we going to let them do it?” concluded Guilbeault.


Loïc Dehoux, Équiterre
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