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The Forum des artisans du changement is your chance to discover inspiring actions and to connect with other agents of change in the province.  Talks on:
Événement - 14 novembre 2011 - Tag : Changing the world, Miscellaneous, One step at a time, Social movement
A new initiative to inspire public debate in Quebec was launched last night in Montreal. Sortie 13 brings together 13 Gen X and Y leaders, each of whom specializes in a different societal issue, ranging from transportation to entrepreneurship to immigration. Equiterre's Steven Guilbeault is the group's resident environmentalist.
1- Define your project More bike racks at your children's school? A corporate membership in Communauto at work?  Identify the benefits of your project – for the organization and its employees, for health and the environment. 2- Find Allies Find colleagues and other people involved with the organization who support your idea. Find out if there is...
Speak up for better transportation planning in your area!
Show your commitment to sustainable transportation. Encourage others to embrace the cause! Do you have an idea that would promote clean transportation? Something that would make it easier for your colleagues to bike to work, or for your neighbours to access public transit? You can make a difference, just like these people did. 
Does your organization want to make a real contribution to the fight against climate change show its environmental and social commitment learn even more ways to help the environment? Take the Défi Climat climate challenge! Co-organized by Equiterre, the Conférence régionale des élus et the Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal, Défi Climat is Quebec's...
Changing the world? A lofty goal. And yet, within our reach! Personally, collectively, we have an impact. Since its inception in 1993, Equiterre's mission has been to help build a social movement that encourages individuals, governments and organizations to make ecological and equitable choices, in a spirit of solidarity.