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Terre Sans Frontières (TSF)

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Terre Sans Frontières invites you to an evening talk on the socio-political situation in Mali, which has been in turmoil since March 21, 2012. Learn more about the political leaders and regional issues, particularly in the north, and the impact of these changes on the country's development, through the experience of the Canadian NGO Sahel21. In French.
Événement - 16 octobre 2012 - Tag : Organization, Public Lectures, Terre Sans Frontières (TSF)
Terre Sans Frontières (TSF) is pleased to invite past, present and future members of the Sans Frontières / Without Borders community to a first-ever Montreal meet-up.  This event seeks to identify ways to: finance missions increase participation raise public awareness encourage interdisciplinary dialogue  Address: Maison du développement durable...
Événement - 16 octobre 2012 - Tag : Miscellaneous, Organization, Terre Sans Frontières (TSF)