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Responsible investment

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Special collaboration of Brenda Plant, cofounder of, an independent platform of information and analysis on responsible investment. Are you frustrated by investment advisers who don’t know much about responsible investment options and who don’t seem to care about helping you on this? And when you try to do your own research, nothing (relevant) comes...
Actualité - 15 février 2017 - Tag : Choix collectifs, Responsible choices, Responsible investment
Evaluating the utility of a responsible investment product (as compared to a traditional investment product) might help you decide which way to go next time you’re ready to invest. The process may help you make some other tricky decisions too.
Actualité - 30 mars 2015 - Tag : Organisations, Public Intervention, Responsible investment
During this RRSP contribution period, have you considered responsible investment ? For the individual investor, responsible investment entails making investment decisions (such as selecting a fund manager or selecting and managing individual investments) that aim to improve corporate social behavior and corporate environmental stewardship. There are various strategies that...