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15 January 2015
Did you know that Équiterre gives talks on various aspects of sustainable development, two of which are in English? They are a perfect way to keep abreast of current major environmental issues and benefit from the expertise of our speakers. The presentations are tailored to the audience and very...
Actu - Public talks
15 January 2015
For as long as I can remember, on January 1, I’ve been getting together with friends and family to make resolutions for the coming year. I never have much to say; I feel like I’ve been caught off guard and can’t come up with anything significant or worthwhile. I always jump right...
Blog - Annick Girard
31 December 2014
What a busy year 2014 was for Equiterre! So many major environmental issues came to the fore, including TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline project, pesticides, and the electrification of transportation. Thank you to our members and supporters for giving us the means to speak up again...
Actu - Bilan Equiterre 2014
16 December 2014
No sooner had BAPE, Quebec's environmental review board, issued its report advising against exploration and development of shale gas in the St. Lawrence Valley than Premier Philippe Couillard said no to shale gas development in the province. 
Actu - Non au gaz de schiste! Marcovdz via flickr
16 December 2014
Every year at this time, we invite you to join us for a look back at the environmental ups and downs of the year. Internationally, the stars of the biggest environmental news story of the year were China and the United States. In November, the two reached a climate accord, which saw the United...
Actu - 2014: Environmental year in review
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