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10 August 2016
Our Benefit Cocktail, the not-to-be-missed annual networking event, is fast approaching! Come and immerse yourself in an evening focused on renewable energies and have the chance to talk to business and sustainable development leaders. Book now for a place at our fifth Quebec City Benefit Cocktail...
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10 August 2016
In collaboration with Équiterre and the Farm to Cafeteria Canada network, the Collectif de la table des écoliers and Breakfast Club of Canada are creating the first map of school food initiatives on the Island of Montreal. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of activities that provide...
31 July 2016
This summer, a unique and ambitious event will be held for the first time in Montreal, and Équiterre will be participating enthusiastically! August 9–14, downtown will be transformed to welcome the World Social Forum and thousands of participants from around the world. Here’s an...
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13 July 2016
Hardly the ideal companion! Atrazine is a pesticide that has been banned in the European Union for over a decade but is still widely used in Canada, particularly in cornfields. This dangerous pesticide is being reassessed by the federal government, and officials are currently recommending...
13 July 2016
On Sunday, July 3, hundreds of committed people took part in the first Change the World with Équiterre run on Mount Royal. This entirely environmentally responsible event took place in the glorious sunshine and participants raising funds for the environment collected $25,000. It was smiles all...
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