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It's time for businesses to change the world, one step at a time!

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Actu - geste cocktail bénéfice COP21

Many citizens, aware of the urgent need to act, are already taking steps to help the environment. Imagine the progress that could be made if businesses did the same!

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris coming up, Équiterre is encouraging businesses attending our cocktail benefits in Quebec City and Montreal this year to make a commitment to help reduce greenhouse gases. We will be live tweeting a “cloud of commitments,” including new, ongoing or previous ones, throughout the evenings to showcase the initiatives of businesses that are willing to change the world one step at a time. We hope these climate commitments give rise to lots more!

Commitments made by key partners that are making a difference:

  • @hydroquebec has reduced GHG emissions from its vehicle fleet by 16.5% in 10 years—one of the largest reductions in Quebec #engagementCOP21
  • @lemassif will be installing electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations (2015-2016) #engagementCOP21 #COP21commitment
  • @MvtDesjardins is encouraging sustainable mobility with the alternative transportation program “A new route for your commute!” #engagementCOP21 #COP21commitment
  • In 2014, @CascadesDD and @rackamsolaire installed a solar power plant that reduced GHG emissions by 265 tonnes #engagementCOP21

What about you? Are you making changes? Or do you work for a business that is willing to change? It’s never too late to start changing the world!

A few suggestions:

  • Join the movement and attend a cocktail benefit to share your initiatives—September 30 in Quebec City and October 28 in Montreal—and experience a unique networking event with business and sustainable development leaders first hand
  • Share how your organization changes the world on our Twitter page, using the #engageCOP21 hashtag
  • Spread the word: (French only)
  • Suggest simple ways your organization can help fight climate change, such as installing a bike parking lot to encourage employees to use active transportation, replacing styrofoam coffee cups with reusable ones and providing fair-trade coffee

As Steven Guilbeault said recently, « With few exceptions, there is global awareness about the reality of climate change, so we need to speed up our efforts to reduce GHG emissions, especially since Quebec has adopted ambitious targets for 2030 and 2050 ».