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Turn down the Bay du Nord project

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Call or write your MP to increase the pressure on the Cabinet of Ministers and turn down the Bay du Nord project. Here are the key messages to communicate. Feel free to customize the text.


My name is [your name] and I would like to leave a message for my MP and Minister/Prime Minister.

I would like to express my concerns about the Bay du Nord oil project in Newfoundland and Northern Oil Project in Newfoundland and Labrador. This project is inconsistent with Canada's national and global climate commitments.

It is even more inconsistent with the IPCC report released in March. The IPCC sends a clear message to governments: the costs of slow, half-measured climate action will by far outweigh the costs of quick and decisive action.

Canada is already feeling the effects of climate change on the safety and health of its communities. It is time for ambitious action.

I call on you to reject the Bay du Nord oil exploration project and to
support and fund the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in its transition to an oil- free transition to an oil-free economy.

Deputy Prime Minister Freeland's upcoming federal budget must invest the necessary funds for economic transition and training for workers. I stand in solidarity with the people of Newfoundland, but we can no longer afford new oil and gas infrastructure in Canada.

Your decision on the Bay du Nord project will speak volumes about the seriousness of your promises on climate promises. Your government has made some progress, but the IPCC says it needs to do more and building oil infrastructure cannot be one of those actions. Can I trust your government ?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns and I hope you will make the right decision about Bay du Nord and funding for the energy transition.