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IPCC report: Humanity can rise to the challenge of fighting climate change

Montreal, April 14 - The third contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on mitigating climate change reveals that it is possible to greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to levels that would limit temperature increase on the planet.

"Like the IPCC, we believe that the time has come to enter the ‘The Era of Climate Responsibility,’ and that our leaders, regardless of their political orientations, must place climate change at the heart of government action," said Steven Guilbeault, senior director of Equiterre.

Furthermore, scenarios studied by the IPCC scientists show that reducing GHG emissions leads to many co-benefits such as greater energy security, improved human health, and more vigorous ecosystems.

"We would like to remind the Harper government that while it continues to bury its head in the sand, as shown by its latest GHG inventory report (released last Friday), Canada is far from meeting its own Copenhagen commitment, which in itself was far from what science says is needed to protect the climate," added Guilbeault.

Equiterre also invited the new Couillard government to read this report and release, as early in this mandate as possible, a climate change plan for 2020. "This plan should notably allow us to reduce our use of oil and make a shift towards cleaner technologies that create more jobs than the oil sector and have the added benefit of reducing the pressure on our health system," explained Guilbeault.

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