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One earth, one vote - Because the future will be played out this election

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2019 election: A crucial moment for our planet

For the upcoming federal election on October 21, who we vote for matters more than ever. Not just for our country, but for our health, the health of our planet and for our children’s future. The scientists have made it clear: our ability to take action to counter the decline of the planet in the next ten years is crucial.

We will be electing politicians who will make decisions that will affect our everyday lives and our collective futures. What values do you want them to put forward?

The One earth, one vote campaign

As Équiterre did with the Vire au vert campaign during last year’s provincial elections, we’re working hard to ensure that the environment will figure prominently in all of the parties’ campaign platforms and in their commitments. To do so, Équiterre is collaborating with the largest environmental organizations in Canada and Quebec for the One earth, one vote campaign, which seeks to inform and equip voters for election day.

We need your help. Please send this email to the leaders of the major political candidates, asking that they commit to ambitious environmental measures, and informing them of your intention to prioritize environmental protection, economic justice and human rights.

In the coming months and during the election campaign, we will keep you informed about the latest news and about the environmental commitments taken by different political parties.

political candidates are listening! Let them hear your demands

Let’s empower leaders who put the environment at the heart of their commitments and who take on the important responsibility of protecting and ensuring a healthy future for us and for future generations.

Join your voice to ours to amplify the message and show just how many people want the environment to play a central role in the coming elections.