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NEB: Letter to Justin Trudeau

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The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

September 7, 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

We represent organizations who believe that the National Energy Board (NEB) members who met with former premier Charest should recuse themselves from the review of the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Many of our groups have expressed this opinion directly to the NEB, but we are writing to you today to put the controversy surrounding the National Energy Board into context. In short, we are calling on you to overhaul the NEB before the federal government decides how to proceed with the proposed Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines, not after. This is not the first time that many of us have made this argument to you, but the breakdown in the Energy East review process and the obvious failure of pipeline proponents to secure social license for these ill-conceived projects presents an opportunity for you to show leadership.

At the end of the day, the NEB's problem is not only that Board members acted inappropriately by meeting with Mr. Charest, but that the NEB suffers from so many short-comings and conflicts of interest that the institution fundamentally lacks legitimacy. Of course the board members who acted inappropriately should recuse themselves, but this will not solve the credibility gap that is plaguing the pipeline review process in Canada. It is unreasonable to expect people whose drinking water is at risk to politely follow the rules of a process that is both a farce and a foregone conclusion. It is unreasonable to ask people who are deeply concerned about the growing climate change emergency to trust in a review process that your own government has acknowledged is inadequate.

The NEB process is broken. This is clear and you are now taking steps to fix it by initiating a wholesale review, but the interim measures that you have put in place do not solve the underlying problem. The process currently being used to review the Kinder Morgan pipeline did not overcome the failures of the original NEB review, and the Energy East process is obviously deeply flawed. That is why we are calling on you to address the crisis of confidence that surrounds the NEB before you decide on the Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines, not after. We are calling on you to put aside the fundamentally flawed work that has been done by the NEB to date. Overhaul the NEB, renew the confidence of Canadians in the federal government's pipeline review process and, only after this has been accomplished, assess these projects in an atmosphere that is not plagued by the legacy of the Harper era. Doing this will be seen by the people of Canada as an indication that your stated commitments to Indigenous rights and a safe climate are sincere and that you are prepared to honour and defend the water, land and climate on which we all depend and cherish.

It is in the interest of all stakeholders that these projects go through a credible review. That cannot happen until your government completes its overhaul of the NEB.

Canada is at a crossroads, but this is not a moment that demands a ruling from an illegitimate National Energy Board on the misconduct of its board members. It is a moment that demands political leadership from a government that claims to be committed to change. We are asking you to show that leadership.


Sharon Flatt
Aboriginal People's Council, Local 10

Céline Lachapelle
Action environnement basses Laurentides (AEBL)

France Lamonde
Association de propriétaires privés, agricoles (acéricoles) et forestiers

André Bélisle
Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA)

Marianne Papillon
Association madelininienne pour la sécurité énergétique et environnementale (AMSÉE)

Margaret Rao
Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice

Joy Kennedy
Canadian Interfaith Fast for the Climate

Kiki Wood
Canadian Youth Climate
Coalition/Coalition canadienne des jeunes pour le climat

Cathy Orlando
Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada

Derek Coronado
Citizens Environmental Alliance

Katherine Massam
Citoyens au Courant

Patricia Warwick
Climate Action Now

Lyn Adamson

Vincent Marchione
Coalition vigilance Oléoducs (CoVO)

Marc Édouard Joubert
Conseil régional FTQ du Montréal métropolitain

Lois Corbett
Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Daniel Cayley-Daoust
Council of Canadians

Martine Chatelain
Eau Secours! Coalition pour une gestion responsable de l'eau

Stephen Thomas
Ecology Action Centre

Graham Saul
Ecology Ottawa

Keith Brooks
Environmental Defence

Steven Guilbeault

Éric Ferland

Peter Jones
For Our Grandchildren 4RG

Bob Olajos
Friends of Temagami

Catherine Huard
Fondation Rivières

Douglas Nadler
Georgian Triangle Earth Day Celebration

Jonathan Théorêt
GRAME - Groupe de recherche appliquée en macroécologie

Patrick Bonin

Angela Bischoff

Rita Bijon
Green 13

Rodrigo Samayoa

Karen Wristen
Living Oceans Society

Alex Paterson
Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition

André Lafrance
Mouvement citoyen Alerte Pétrole Rive-Sud

Christian Simard
Nature Québec

Peggy Walsh Craig
Nipissing Environmental Watch

Martin Poirier
NON à une marée noire dans le Saint-Laurent

Brennain Lloyd

Adam Scott
Oil Change International

Luc Falardeau
Oléoduc Laval en amont (OLEA)

Sharon Murphy
PEACE-New Brunswick

Tony Clarke
Polaris Institute

Carole Dupuis
Regroupement vigilance hydrocarbures Québec

Martin Poirier
Prospérité Sans Pétrole

Andrée Chartier
Regroupement citoyen contre les bitumineux et pour le développement durable

Gordon W. Dalzell
Saint John Citizens Coalition for Clean Air

Gretchen Fitzgerald
Sierra Club Canada Foundation

Sven Biggs
Stand (formally ForestEthics)

Elizabeth Frazer
Stop Energy East (North Bay)

Donald Kellough
STOP oléoduc Île d'Orléans

Réal Lalande
Stop Oléoduc Outaouais (SOO)

Karine Audet
Stop oléoduc bellechasse-levis

Yvan Croteau
Stop Oléoduc Montmagny l'Islet

Anne-Céline Guyon
Stop oléoduc Portneuf Saint-Augustin

Kathy Hakola
Temiskaming Environmental Action Committee

Katie Krelove

Jessica Clogg
West Coast Environmental Law Association

Cam Fenton

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