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Denise Turgeon - Give time to something you love: Happiness is guaranteed!

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Drop by Équiterre’s offices on a Thursday morning and you’re sure to bump into Denise. She’s well into her sixties and always scouring the Web for the latest environmental news. Denise has been a press review volunteer for not one, not two, not three, but eight years! “Doing the press review keeps me up to date with what’s happening with the environment, and it’s important to me,” she says.

She’d never have guessed that life would bring her here. After studies in economics and a 33 year career in information systems development at Notre-Dame Hospital, Denise wanted to make herself useful when she retired. Following the news over the years made her realize that she had to do something for the environment.

Denise started by helping out with organic baskets. Her family farmer wanted to keep a drop-off point in Vieux-Longueil, so she and her partner offered to set one up at their home. They’re so happy they did: “It’s like having friends over to visit each week.”

Shortly after, Denise heard that Équiterre was looking for press review volunteers. She thought that would be right up her alley—and she was right! After so many years on the team, she’s earned the title of most loyal volunteer.

When asked why she has volunteered for so long, Denise said that as well as supporting the environment, she enjoys the stimulating work environment, surrounded by enthusiastic people who care.

Get involved to combat cynicism

Denise loves the positive vibe. It’s inspiring. “Getting involved makes you forget about the obstacles and keeps cynicism at bay, especially where the environment is concerned. Believing in what you do gives you the drive and strength to get things done.”

Denise’s ongoing support is discreet but wholehearted, whether she’s volunteering for Équiterre, helping her family farmer or singing to long-term care residents with the Longueuil seniors’ choir. Her actions reflect her values and her vision of retirement: gardening, travelling and pursuing the passions that make her happy.

Thank you so much, Denise, for all the time you give us, year in and year out. We hope you’ll be with us for many more years to come!