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Fighting for the climate and transitioning to renewable energy

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The Challenges

Le réchauffement climatique bouleverse l’humanité entière. Il ébranle déjà notre système économique et affectera de façon croissante notre vie quotidienne: canicules, augmentation des prix des aliments, apparition de virus, perte de nature.

Alors que le Canada se réchauffe deux fois plus vite que la planète, il s’agit du seul pays du G7 qui ne soit pas parvenu à diminuer ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre*. Pire, les contribuables canadiens financent toujours les industries fossiles et on y consomme trois fois plus d’énergie que la moyenne mondiale.

Il est minuit moins une pour en finir avec les énergies fossiles.

*Pour la période de 2015 à 2019, selon les plus récentes données disponibles.

Il est minuit moins une pour en finir avec les énergies fossiles.

Our vision

A low carbon society working to decrease energy consumption

Our initiatives

Our political advocacy work

We're working to create awareness, provoke reflection and debate, and develop recommendations to guide our governments towards sustainable climate solutions.

Our impact

Nearly 30 years of climate action by Équiterre. A path paved with challenges and great victories.



Historic agreement at COP28 

A consensus was reached on a "transition" away from fossil fuels to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. A first in COP history! 

A new regulatory framework for capping (GHGs)

A cap-and-trade system will be put in place to reverse the upward trend in emissions from Canada's fossil fuel industry. 


Consultation on Quebec's energy future 

Équiterre submits its brief and encourages citizens to take part in the consultation on Quebec's energy future. 


Équiterre welcomes the introduction of a bill on fair transition

The federal bill (C-50), which paves the way for workers' transition in the context of the climate crisis, needs to be improved if it is to be truly effective and inclusive. 


Launch of the Sortons le gaz! coalition. 

Équiterre and its partners attack fossil gas in buildings and launch the campaign Gas: Naturally Risky.


Launch of the campaign "Quebec’s Energy Future - We need to talk about it"

We need to think collectively about how we want to use our precious green energy: to produce what, for what purposes and for whose benefit?

Publication of the brief "Proposals for the Canadian Just Transition Act"

Équiterre and its partners have submitted a brief to formulate concrete proposals for the upcoming Canadian Just Transition Act.


A major legislative breakthrough

The federal government adopts the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (C-12) after having been pressured by environmental groups


COP15 is held in Montreal!

During this edition, Équiterre presented a conference and a panel on soil biodiversity and hosted a kiosk on soil biodiversity


COP27: Energy transition and climate offsets

Équiterre hosts a non-partisan panel on climate action in Quebec and Canada


Quebec adopts the law that puts an end to hydrocarbon exploration and production


The end of GNL Québec!

The Quebec government rejects the GNL Québec liquefied natural gas plant project in the Saguenay after an extensive mobilization effort.


Victory at the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court of Canada confirms the constitutionality of carbon pricing, after Équiterre and the Centre québécois du droit en environnement defended it in court.


A historical march for the planet

More than 500,000 people gather for a climate march in Montreal, including Greta Thunberg.


The end of Energy East!

TransCanada abandons its mega Energy East pipeline project following an intense protest in Quebec.


Climate marches

Équiterre is on the organizing committee for two major climate marches: Action Climat in Quebec City and 100 Possibles in Ottawa


The Quebec government rejects of the Rabaska LNG terminal project in Lévis.


People unite for the environment

Nearly 300,000 people gathered in Montreal for a major rally on April 22, 2022.


The end of shale gas!

The Quebec government adopts a moratorium on shale gas development in the province after a massive citizen mobilization.

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