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Policy recommendation

Proposed amendments to Bill C-50

The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act

Published on 

Équiterre, in collaboration with Ecojustice, Environmental Defence, the Pembina Institute, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and Climate Action Network Canada, is participating in the legislative process surrounding Bill C-50, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act.

Once passed, this legislation will form the foundation of a just transition for workers and communities across the country. This is why Équiterre and its partners are proposing amendments to the bill: as of fall 2023, it was far from meeting the imperatives of this transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

In short, the bill should

  • be better aligned with Canada's climate commitments
  • Have more effective and structuring guiding principles
  • Provide better regional and sectoral planning for the transition
  • Include more comprehensive accountability mechanisms
  • Provide for more inclusive governance bodies and broaden their mandates

This document, presented by Équiterre and its partners, was submitted to Natural Resources Canada, the opposition parties and the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources in the fall of 2023.